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Wifi Engineer

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Residential only

Wifi installation service 

Do you want to extend the range of your wifi network?

I can offer many different options depending on the Wi-Fi coverage required & the size of your property.

Point to Point Ubiquiti wifi links to give internet access to outbuildings. 

Please contact me by  email -
call or text 07794 122 668

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FOR PC & MAC problems contact C & F Bright Solutions
 Computer Repairs & Maintenace Service 
Software problems, PC Not Booting, Email Problems, Bespoke PC Systems, Tablet & ipad Service, Servers & Databases & VPN, Hardware Faults, Virus Removal, Networks & Broadband, Data Recovery.
Call C & F Bright Solutions on 01730 231 680

Free Advice
Residential Broadband & WiFi internet problems, I offer a free advice service via email
For service & repairs - TalkTalk, Sky, EE, BT, BE, Plusnet, Zen, Postoffice, Tesco, Virgin Media, etc - so whatever ISP you use - I can help you.
Problems with your broadband dropping the connection or with slow
speeds? Then your internal wiring may be at fault. I can diagnose and
repair faults caused by your phone wiring or sockets to increase the
stability & speed of your ADSL connection. 

Broadband Problems & ADSL faceplate filter

Telephone wiring within a property can pick up interference (noise) from electric mains wiring & appliances.  This noise will reduce the broadband speed.

Broadband speed problems
Very often Telephone wiring has not been Updated/Optomised to work well with Broadband Internet. The very best speed that can possibly be obtained is if you connect your router at your master socket. Your master socket should be connected to the incoming telephone line feed, without any star wiring.  All your extension sockets should be connected to the removable faceplate, the standard faceplate should be replaced with an ADSL filtered one.

ADSL faceplate (VDSL for fibre)

Connecting an ADSL faceplate filter at the master socket prevents the broadband signal from going out onto the extension wiring, this in turn helps stop the noise interfering with the broadband signal.

The other big advantage to a faceplate filter is that it replaces all the micro-filters connected throughout the house, so it all looks a lot tidier.
The other important thing to do is ensure that Electromagnet interference from inside your property is not affecting performance, again this is something I will check.
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is also known a Radio Frequency interference (RFI) 

ADSL & line lengthThe longer the line, the higher the loss (db)

All figures are an approx guide & show how the
line attenuation affects ADSL sync speed. Also it can be seen that with a
long line (attenuation of 50db plus) 24mbit service is often not faster
than an 8mbit service.

It is important to note that download speed will be less than the sync speed.

ADSL2+ (24MBit) ADSL1 (8MBit)

Loss Sync (approx)
10db         24Mbps           8Mbps

20db         20Mbps          8Mbps

23db          19Mbps          8Mbps

29db         16Mbps          8MBps

35db          12Mbps         6.5Mbps

40db          9Mbps          6 Mbps

45db          7Mbps            6Mbps

50db          5Mbps            5Mbps

57db          3Mbps           3Mbps

62db           2Mbps          2Mbps
67db          1.5 Mbps        1.5Mbps
68db May not work at all

Service providers Fault code abbreviations.

BNR - Bell not ringing   
BR - Bell ringing continuous
CDT - Continuous Dial Tone   
CO - Cuts off   
DRO - Damage Report    Overhead   
DRU - Damage Report Underground
DRW - Damage Report Wiring   
FNT - Faint Transmission   
MOD - Modem - Slow internet dial up speed   
NDT - No dial tone   
NR - No Reply   
NSY - Noisy   
NT - No Tone   
NU - Number Unobtainable    
OHR - Overhearing
OWT - One Way Transmission    
PET - Permanently engaged tone   
RTP - Ring Trip    
UTR -Unable to trip ringing   
WNO - Wrong Numbers Outgoing   
XL - Crossed lines


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